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On Planktos, you play against your friend as a small phytoplancton. Only the strongest may survive. You must eat until you can eat your oponent. Who will evolve?

This game was made for Ludum Dare 38, by Sara Martins and Vasco Rodrigues.

On the keyboard, use WASD and the Arrows to play.

Planktos is a local multiplayer game. Both players can eat other smaller phytoplanctons. It's a belly game, where eating you makes you stronger, and being hit by your opponent shrinks you.

When you have just the right size, you can absorb him, and claim your throne as the micro-sea's king.

The game features a simple procedurally created colour pallet, which changes throughout the time.

The players and the food visuals are created using a Metaball/Soft Bodies algorithm.

So go kick some of your friends' bellys, and may the best be the Micro-Ruler!


Planktos.zip 13 MB

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