This game was made during Global Game Jam 2017 by:

  • Gonçalo Tavares (music)
  • Pedro Moniz (programming)
  • Ricardo Rodrigues (programming, level design)
  • Rita Ribeiro (art)
  • Sara Martins (programming, UI design/art)
  • Vasco Rodrigues (programming)

Further improvements made by Gonçalo Tavares, Rita Ribeiro, Sara Martins and Vasco Rodrigues.

Use Left and Right to move, and Space Bar to Jump. Use Escape to Pause/Quit.

NoisyCat is about the struggle of a hungry cat. When he finds out that he doesn't have "any" food left, there is only one thing he can do: break stuff! Can you find out what you can break to call your human?

Install instructions

Android Installation Instructions:

Go to Menu > Settings > Security and tick the box that says "Unknown Origins" or "Unknown Sources."

Go to Menu > Settings.
Scroll all the way down to find "About phone" (or "About Tablet").
Scroll down again and find the entry with the Build number.
Start tapping on the "Build number section", Android will now pop up a message informing you that in x amount of clicks you will become a Developer. Keep tapping until the process is complete.

Download the .apk file to your mobile.
Locate the folder that contains it and click on the .apk file.
Click on Install.


NoisyCat.apk 22 MB

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